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Registered Day Diet

It always falls second Wednesday in March every year. This year it falls on March 13, 2019.

This day she founded the Nutrition and Diet Academy (originally known as the American Diet for the Elderly) in 2008. Today it is common to choose any food at any time. Nutrition is a science that can be difficult to understand. This day will help not only individuals but also hospitals, schools, community centers, nursing homes and more to plan the right food for these people.

Diet is the controlled intake of foods and liquids in order to achieve a certain goal. Diet can be hospital, weight loss, diet to maintain a health condition, diet to change health, diet as a long-term diet.

In hospitals, diets are prescribed to achieve medical goals, and other diets are to increase body fat or muscle mass. The reduction diet keeps the goal of weight reduction. It is also an essential means of treating overweight and obesity. An improper diet can be dangerous to health and may also have the opposite effect and a yo-yo effect.

The aim is to raise awareness of professionals working in nutrition and catering and their commitment to helping people lead a happy and healthy life.

The diet is often held by persons (most often young girls) who are not overweight but want to resemble their idol or the fashionable dictation of emaciation and the need to lose weight. These uncontrollable diets often lead to health problems and eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia).

The diet should always be kept under the supervision of nutritionists or under the supervision of doctors who choose the appropriate diet if needed.