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Saint Valentine

This holiday is always on 14 February every year.

Celebrate 14.2. as a holiday of love in the Anglo-Saxon countries. This day is given flowers, presents, greeting cards, sweets. Nowadays it is mainly a commercial holiday. There are two legends about Valentine and it is probably about 2 people. The name Valentine was very popular at the time.

During the reign of Emperor Claudio II. a ban on weddings was issued in Rome. He was afraid that the soldiers wanted to stay at home with their families and did not fight. The priest named Valentin neglected this prohibition, and secretly loved couples indulged. He gave young couples colorful bouquets of the Episcopal Garden. That is why the tradition of giving flowers was created. He was arrested and 14.2. 269 ​​executed. For two hundred years he was declared holy and worshiped.

According to the second legend, Valentin was a noble Romani, and in 203 he was elected Bishop of Terni. Rétor Kratón invited him to Rome to heal his son. He prayed for him, and his son was miraculously healed. Craton, therefore, was baptized from Valentine's Day and his three pupils, the son of the city prefect. Valentina accused the prefect's order of unfair practices, and the Roman senators put him in a dungeon. He was then stitched.

He had healing qualities and was revered as a protector against the pustulum and the defeat. Allegedly, he also looked back at the daughter of Judge Asteria.

The popularity of Valentina as a patron of the lovers was already in the Middle Ages. In 1415, the young French Duke, Charles Orleansky, sent the first historically documented Valentine to his wife when he was imprisoned for several years in the Tower of London.

According to superstition, when a girl marries a husband of a man whom she will see as the first, their marriage will be very happy.

This holiday is celebrated all over the world, but most of the US. Every year about 200 million valences are sent to the US.

If you celebrate this holiday, enjoy it, and if you do not, you can celebrate that you do not celebrate it.