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Scrabble Day

It always falls on April 13 every year.

This day is a reminder of the birth of Alfred Mosher Butts (April 13, 1899 - April 4, 1993) who invented the Scrabble board game.

In 1938, American architect Alfred Mosher Butts created the game as a variation on the earlier verbal play Lexiko and then Criss-Cross words. He called the game Scrabble and the success and recognition came ten years later. He sold the production rights in exchange for a reward from every game sold and was bought by James Brunot. He and his friend made all the games for two decades by hand in their garage.

Scrabble is a 2 - 4 player word game. They have to place stones with a letter on a board divided into 15 x 15 grid squares, so that the stones form the letters of the word. They consist of top to bottom or left to right. For each letter on the stone there are points and they are added together. The player with the most points wins. The stones are made of plastic or wood. Some may be magnetic for a travel game.

If you use the word Oxyphenbutazone in Scrabble, you will upload 1458 points and this is the highest ranking word. Oxyphenbutazone (a medicine used to treat arthritis) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. It has been withdrawn in some countries.

As another word to upload a lot of points is valedictorian. This is an academic degree of success for a student who delivers a final statement at graduation. Selected student with the highest rating. It is the last speaker before students receive their diplomas.

Another word is sesquioxides. These are oxides containing cation atoms at the anion atoms in a 2: 3 ratio.

Scrabble can also be played online. Scrabble is also created in Braille for visually impaired and blind people. Also, the board has tactile dots and dashes on premium words.

The game is sold worldwide in 29 languages.

About 30,000 Scrabble games begin every hour around the world.

Therefore, today celebrate this day with Scrabble with your family, friends or online.