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It was created in 2015 in the Czech Republic. In support of free seed sharing, seedlings and natural gardening.

The model was Les Grainotheques (France), which has been operating since 2013 and The Seedbanks (America). In France, the idea of ​​free seeding was born. Sébastien Wittevert was founded by Graines de Torc, a nonprofit company. Since then, granotics have emerged (seeds).

The seedbed is a place where gardeners can share seeds from their gardens free of charge. It must be only in Bio quality (unpolluted and from chemically untreated plants). They are offered free of charge in small doses for personal consumption. They are mostly in a basket, a box or a box. The seedling can be created and promoted in your neighborhood.

You can find them most often in libraries, but also in cafes, community gardens or information centers. We can also find them in schools where pupils are being looked after and also semen. Seeds, seminars, discussions, debates, lectures are held in the seeds.

The main objective is awareness raising on domestic semenification and the problematic situation regarding seeds and dramatic decline in biodiversity. This is due to inappropriate trends in modern agriculture (over the past 100 years).

Semenarium is a free voluntary initiative. The seed must be sound and moldless, reproducible and labeled. In the seedlings you can choose what you need but also to share and share with others. Put them in a plastic bag, envelope, newspaper or paper bag. The name of the variety must be added to the seeds, the year and the place of collection. You can add more information about the variety (cultivation, variety, family and baby recipes).