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Sewing machine day

It always falls on June 13 every year.

Before the sewing machine started, mankind worked with the fibers and it had to be disassembled and spun into a thread and then threaded the thread into the fabric. This fabric was cut and stitched with needle and thread. The first sewing needles were made of bone and stone.

The first sewing machine was patented in 1790 by Englishman Thomas Saint. But it was never realized. In 1814, the Austrian inventor Josef Madersperger invented a working sewing machine with a chain stitch and one thread. In 1839, after improving the sewing stance, he did not get caught. In 1830, the French tailor Barthélémy Thimmonier invented a working chainstitch sewing machine. He built a manufactory where he had 80 machines but the craftsmen destroyed them because they were worried about work.

In 1833, Walter Hunt invented double-threaded stitching, machine needle and shuttle. American Elias Howe in 1845 invented a sewing machine on the same principle and provided the needle with a groove. Afterwards, engineer Isaac Merritt Singer simplified the shuttle sewing machine and fitted the heel, thread tension and pedal. He also introduced leasing sales of sewing machines. In 1856, the four largest US companies agreed on patents, and other manufacturers had to pay royalties. Josef Merrow patented the first overlock machine in 1877. In 1889, Singer launched an electric powered machine.

The sewing machine is designed to connect the fabric or other material to the thread. They were invented during the First Industrial Revolution to reduce the proportion of hand sewing in textile manufactories. In the mid-19th century, when the sewing machine was introduced, the clothing industry's efficiency and productivity increased dramatically.

Sewing machines are used for industrial and household purposes. For the home they are made in a variety of designs, compatibility, lightness and ease of portability. Industrial machines are huge, fast to improve productivity.

This day is a celebration of the sewing machine and its creation, as well as people who not only created it but also those who worked and worked on it.

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