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Sex with or without a condom

The condom is a reliable protection against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, but also against unplanned pregnancy.

Condomless sex is more enjoyable for many people (mostly men). Partners are closer but the risk of STDs increases.

Contraceptives are full, but only a condom is a reliable protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Venereal diseases can be bacterial (syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea…), parasitic (scabies, louse, ammo…), fungal (candidiasis) or viral (genital warts, hepatitis B, HIV…).

Manufacturers are trying to develop new, more comfortable and natural condoms. They can be colored, flavored, illuminated, structured (serrations and protrusions), with different functions (warm, cool) or of different thickness. It is made of natural rubber (latex), polyisoprene (they are more flexible, softer and better conduct heat). There are also condoms for women.

Condoms are lubricated from the outside. Condoms that contain a special lubricant with benzocaine (desensitize and help delay the climax) are useful for prolonging the climax.

The slang term for condomless sex is Bareback. It was invented by the gay community and taken over from riding. This was called saddleback riding (bare - naked and back - bare, bare back).

Beware of a partner who insists on sex without a condom. With short-term acquaintances, condoms are a must. You cannot settle for saying that he is careful, he has no one, does not change partners, is healthy, or that without a condom it is better.

Everyone has to consider whether to use a condom to protect themselves or not. One mistake and all your life you can blame it and have life consequences. Bilateral agreement to common satisfaction is important.