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Sibling Day

It always falls on April 10 every year.

This day, Claudia Evart from New York founded in 1995 as a tribute and a celebration of siblings. At an early age, she lost her sister and brother after accidents that happened to them (each one separately). On April 10, she chose to honor her sister (her birthday). Claudia founded the Sibling Foundation in 1997 and became a non-profit organization two years later.

People who have siblings have better social skills. A sibling bond is a lifelong relationship that usually lasts until death. The power of the family is vital to the strength of our community, state, and nation. The sibling celebration is for all ages.

A sibling is a general term for a person sharing a mother or father or both (brother, sister). They usually grow up in a family together and live together with their childhood. In siblings, a strong emotional relationship creates mutual genetic and physical proximity. It can be influenced by family relationships, parents' relationships with children, birth order, experience and experiences. Siblings can be their own, not own (not one parent), half-parent (one parent), full-parent (both parents). According to birth, they are referred to as the firstborn (oldest), second-born (middle), the youngest. The order of birth has a big influence on psychological and personal development.

The aim is to celebrate strong relationships and ties between siblings.

You can celebrate it by sending a greeting card, a gift, sitting at a dinner party, screening a joint movie or a photo, or you can call. The point is to remember the siblings and let them know that you love them.