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Spanish Day Paella

It always falls on March 27 every year.

 Paella was created as a peasant meal, the last rice bowl prepared by workers in a field over open fire. Always cooked in round pan with flat bottom and handle. Important was the open fire, which creates a layer of toasted rice at the bottom of the pan and is essential and unique to paella.

He comes from Valencia and prepares himself from rice. The first mention dates back to the 15th century when it was made from a mixture of meat. The food has spread and thus recipes have been developed to adapt to the region's production. Seafood, fish appeared.

Today, paella is primarily the basis of the Spanish diet. Every home has a recipe and a paella trick. What is important is a layer of crispy rice on the edge of the bowl. Amateurs throw her away thinking she is burned but the others enjoy her. They consider it the most delicious piece. Paella is a popular meal served in restaurants across the country. Every Thursday in Spain it is a tradition to serve it.

Most often it is prepared in a cast iron pan of 40cm diameter. The rice must be used directly for paella or rice from Valencia.

Paella Recipe:


100g of rabbit meat

200g chicken meat

100g tomatoes

100g peas or artichoke

100g of beans in brine

200g rice for paella

600ml chicken broth

Ičky teaspoons of saffron

1 clove of garlic

olive oil




Fry sliced ​​meat in olive oil. Add the beans to the pan with peas or chopped artichoke. Grate tomatoes and add. Mix saffron with salt and crushed garlic and add some water. Pour the mixture into a pan and add the broth. Mix everything thoroughly. Then pour the rice, which should be completely submerged. If necessary, add water to keep it submerged. Then cook for about 20 minutes and do not mix the mixture all the time. Only enough water in the pan is checked. Rice almost drinks everything, but it has to stay to keep it from burning. Then remove from the plate and cover for a while. You can serve.

If you want to enhance the flavor, you can add some good quality brandy during cooking. If you want to have a seafood paella you can use it, but do not put chicken, rabbit or other meat and water it with fish stock. Attempting to add any meat to the seafood will taste like a fish.

Enjoy your meal