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It is a set of electrical, optical and acoustic phenomena that arise between the clouds, or between the earth and the clouds. They are designated by time, place of origin, movement, distance from the place of observation, intensity of speech.

The thunder is accompanied by lightning and thunder or just thunder and is bound to the kumulonimbus cloud.

Flash is an electrostatic discharge produced during a thunderstorm. It is accompanied by light emission. The electricity passing through the discharge channels quickly heats the ambient air. Thanks to the expansion, it produces the characteristic thunder sound. Due to the large amount of nitrogen in the lower layers of the atmosphere, lightning is on the Earth in blue and white. The air is heated up to 30,000 ° C during impact.

The flash may hit the clouds not only down but also upside down. Every year, lightning will cause a number of home fires, with injured people and damage going to hundreds of millions.

The risk of human lightning is greatest in open terrain or elevated areas. A few principles on how to behave in a storm.

During the thunderstorm should not come out.

If you are outdoors, hide in the building. If it is not hidden anywhere near the building it is possible in a dense forest or grove or also in a narrow valley.

If we are on the hills or in the open air it is safe to survive the storm in the fray with the arms of the legs on the body (do not lie on the ground).

It is not appropriate to hide under a lone tree on the edge of the forest, under the overhang of low rocks or in small buildings without a lightning rod or broken statics.

A great danger exists in open terrain at elevated locations or near iron structures, power lines or waterways.

It is never advisable to lean against a rock wall, wall or run.

There is a great risk of bathing, sailing, windsurfing, making calls or using electric or gas appliances.

Do not carry metal objects because they do not work as a lightning conductor or run.

You do not have to worry about the car, but all windows must be closed.

Do not stay in the house near the water and close the windows.

The most dangerous storm is within 3 km (about 9 seconds between lightning and thunder).

The flash takes about a quarter of a second. There are about 16 million storms a year on Earth. Lightning on Earth is about 3 billion a year. The probability of human intervention is 1: 3,000,000. A 5 km average cloud contains 500,000 tons of water. It has an energy that can be compared to atomic bombs thrown at Nagasaki and Hiroshima. On every continent, the flash will make about 10 people daily. If they do not fly right heart or spine affected will survive. He suffers from burns and shock. The most common shock occurs in the human body with the shoulder, some side of the body or leg.

Thunder is the acoustic bang accompanying the lightning discharge. The sound reflected from the obstacles will cause the observer to delay and extend the duration. Thunder sounds about 1 km in 3 seconds.