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Sunlight Day

It always falls on May 27 every year.

This day is a sign that summer is coming. The sun starts to shine intensively, so it is important to use sunscreen. This protects the skin from dangerous and painful burns. It also protects the skin from dangerous ultraviolet rays and prevents skin cancer.

Already in the Middle Ages, people protected their skin. In ancient Egypt they invented sunscreen to make their skin lighter. The cream was made from rice bran, jasmine and lupine. Some of these ingredients are still used today in sunscreens.

There are several scientists attributed to the discovery of sunscreen. In 1936, chemist Eugene Schueller invented sunscreen and continued to collaborate with L'Oreal.

At the same time, the Swiss chemist Franz Greiter was inspired to develop a sunscreen when he climbed Mount Piz Buin. It was marketed under the name Piz Buin in 1946 and is still sold today.

Pharmacist Benjamin Green patented Red Vet Pet Sunscreen in 1944.

Sunscreen is a sun visor that protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun and sunlight. There are many types of sunscreen with different levels of SPF protection on the market.

The human body, although exposed to UV radiation harmful to our body for a long time, needs UV radiation to produce vitamin D.