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The day men make dinner

It always falls on the first Thursday of November each year. This year falls on 7 November 2019.

This day was set up to help men who have never cooked or just grilled and are afraid of cooking. A man named Sandy Sharkey devised this day in 2001. He decided that men could be good at the kitchen and create great meals.

The first cookbook, published in 1845 and named Modern Cookery for Private Families, was focused on home cooking and not professional.

This is the day when you need to turn the role of a wife, who usually has to do everything daily without her partner helping her. It is a small step towards equal sharing of responsibility for a common home and life. After all, some of the greatest cooks in the world are men.

There are many men who are not experienced in cooking and are afraid to prepare something. Therefore, today is a great opportunity to try and amaze the whole family. Some of the well-known dishes were made by mistake, so there is nothing to worry about. Even a mistake can sometimes mean great food. It's also the perfect time to involve your sons in cooking.

Even if the cooked food fails, the effort will be appreciated.

You can use the #MenMakeDinnerDay, #NationalMenMakeDinnerDay, or social network hashtag.

Here are a few quick recipes that everyone can handle.


French potatoes:




10pcs potatoes

300 - 400g sausages (smoked meat, sausage)

6 eggs

100g corn

50g cheese (edam, gouda…)

200ml cream 33%

oil (or butter)







Boil 5 eggs (boil in water for about 10 minutes, then quickly cool and peel off the cooled egg). Switch on the oven at approx. 180 ° C (depending on the type of oven).

Peel the potatoes and slice them. Sausage (sausage, smoked meat) and eggs cut into slices. Eat the baking pan with a little oil (butter). At the bottom put potatoes and salt and deny (with salt carefully sausage and cheese are salty enough) for it eggs, sausage, corn and potatoes again. Keep layering until the ingredients run out. Potatoes must always be up there.

Covered bake for about 60 minutes. Meanwhile, whisk eggs and mix with cream and grate the cheese. After an hour, pour the potatoes over with egg cream and sprinkle with cheese. bake for about 15 minutes (preferably on the grill but it depends on the oven).

Put on a plate and serve with beer.


Pasta with spinach:




150g hard cheese (edam or to taste)

1 package of pasta

200ml cream 33%

Fresh spinach

Parmesan for sprinkling









Put the pasta in the water according to the instructions. In the meantime, cut or crush the garlic. Grate hard cheese (Edam) and grate a little Parmesan. Put a little oil in the pan and fry the garlic briefly over a low flame (beware when baking to a high temperature for a long time). Then add the spinach leaves to pour in cream and stew until the spinach loses its volume and softens. Finally add the pasta and grated cheese. Cook the mixture slowly for a while before the cheese melts. Then put in plates and sprinkle with parmesan (edam or to taste) and serve with beer.


Serve beer for every meal :-D


Enjoy your meal.