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The day of dressing up pets

It always falls on 14 January every year.

This day was founded in 2009 by the Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist, Colleen Paige.

The goal is to make pet owners take the time to have fun with their dogs, cats and other animals by dressing them in cute, safe suits and costumes. This is not about humiliating pets or about having to suffer from discomfort for human amusement.

Dressing an animal pet can be fun and creates a bond between man and his animal. The suits must allow pets to be comfortably seen, heard, breathe, eat and relieve and must also be made of breathable material that prevents the animal from overheating. Careful attention should be given to the allergic reaction to clothing (itching, rash). You also have to pay attention to the ornaments that are on the outfit (bells, fabric, cord) because they can eat the animal and thus endanger its health. The animal must have enough space around his neck, paws, legs, and trunk in his suit. In the case of tight clothing, swelling and unpleasant feelings can cause panic and potential injury. It is necessary to constantly watch the animal and not leave it alone outside. The animal can cling to a fence, a gate, a tree, a shrub in a suit and can cause injury or strangulation.

It is up to everyone to want to celebrate this day with their pet.