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The day of hugging

It always falls on January 21 every year.

This day was invented by Kevin Zaborney and was first celebrated in 1986 in Michigan. The idea of ​​this day is to encourage everyone to hug family and friends more often. This date was chosen intentionally because it is after Christmas (Christmas and New Year) and is before Valentine's Day and people are in a bad mood. He came to the conclusion that people are embarrassed to show their feelings in public and hopes to change this day.

According to psychologists, when hugging we get the feeling of safety that we had before birth (in the mother's belly). Children, when they get hurt, run by their parents and want to embrace, because they believe in their power to help them with pain. When embraced, the brain produces oxytocin and serotonin. These hormones make a person happier, quieter and wash off anxiety, depression and stress. Enhancement strengthens the immune system and is vitally important for children. Children who do not care, do not smoke, they do not feel dizzy by slowing their mental and physical development.

Hugging relieves pain, improves blood pressure and positively affects memory. The people who are hugging are healthier, more satisfied. It also improves sexual life.