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The day of the pigs

It always falls on March 1 every year.

It is held every year in the United States to celebrate pigs. This celebration was born in 1972 by sisters Ellen Stanley and Marry Lynne Rave. They wanted everyone to recognize the everyday significance of a pig that is one of the most intellectual and domesticated animals. Pigs are fun and loving and are important to the economy around the world.

Originally the pig lived only in Asia and Europe and then spread to other countries. Domestication of pigs is from 9,000 to 7,000 years before our birth. Originally, the pigs behaved in the forest from spring to autumn and most of them killed during the winter. Somewhere, they were kept guarded by shepherds or in large enclosures with shelters in farmhouses or in herds. From the eighteenth century, she began to behave in herds. The food was cooked, leftovers, acorns, scrap, thistle. Since the mid-20th century, breeding has been promoted in large-scale pigs. They are housed in pens and suffer from stress.

In France, they are used to find truffles in the former Yugoslavia were used for mining the mines. due to the similarity of pig organs to humans, they are one of the most used laboratory animals. Drought breeds are used as pets. Although pigs are considered dirty, they are some of the cleanest animals on the planet. They are the most intelligent animal on the planet, and according to scientists, intelligence is like a three-year-old child.

The pig is a non-ruminant alfalfa. It's a domestic animal that acts for meat. It has a longer body and short legs and a smaller head. It has small and slightly sloping eyes and a grapple. The skin is bare or covered with sparse bristles. The pigs most often have pink or white, but they also have dark gray, black, brown or rusty. They may also be spotty or spotty. The band is curled, weight ranges from 30kg to 400kg. Body length is from 50 cm to 250 cm.

A lot of events take place in zoos, schools, nursing homes, and sports events throughout the United States.

The pig is, for generations, a favorite fairytale figure. It is also at home that people behave in flats as their pets.