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The latest hit in Dating

The world is changing fast and new forms of familiarity born any minute. You can find a partner, thanks to the boom of social networks and mobile phones.

Our technology combines both of these characteristics in one. It creates a social network for those interested in the introduction and at the same time it connects with mobile applications. Our mobile applications Mazlušek moves to introduce a completely new level. Dating Mazlušek is a fast, action and is able to introduce you to a few minutes. The basis is your position stated in mobile application using GPS or computer using a map.
This map shows the user desiring to introduce and meet your requirements. Now you can see if you are in a disco in the bar or on the tram. If you send someone will take his request and if it responds positively you can instantly chat electronically and possibly already in a few minutes to look eye to eye. It's easy, quick and precisely in the spirit of the 21st century, which can not do without electronics.