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Three Kings

It is celebrated every January 6th every year.

The three kings or the Sages of the East are figures of Matthew's Gospel. Shortly after the birth of Jesus, they visited him in Bethlehem and brought him gifts (incense, gold and myrrh). Incense is a fragrant mixture of the resins of some trees and is a symbol of prayer. Myrha was a fragrant resin. Mixed with wine was given to Jesus for crucifixion before the crucifixion, and women used it to treat Christ's body before being buried in the tomb. A star pointed at Bethlehem showed them. The three kings were named after the 5th century AD, such as Kašpar, Melichar and Baltazar, but these names do not appear in the New Testament.

Mostly in Central Europe, she blesses herself at home. Previously, poor children had the chance to get their food out for the winter. Today the children dress up for the Three Kings and go home from the house with a carol, consecrated with chalk, calendar and sugar to show three gifts. On the door with chalk is written C + M + B + (or also K + M + B) and the year. This from the original text means „Christus mansionem Benedikt“  (Christ bless this house) all year round. The letters are made of crosses that symbolize the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).

This day is also held in the Three King's Collection. The proceeds go to help the needy people.


Christmas Carol - My Three Kings


We three kings go to you,

luck, health, we wish you.


Happiness, health, years,

we came to you from afar.


From far away is our way,

Bethlehem's mind is ours.


The three of us appeared,

which was not alive.


As we saw the star,

we immediately sat down.


What about you, black, you stand in the back,

you're pushing our chin on us.

I am proud to admit that,

that I am the murder king.


And I black out

and New Year I blame you.


And we're going out too

and the New Year I blame you.


Stay with Christ by the Lord

for the ages of ages Amen.