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To kiss or not to love?

It's a sign of affection for a person. We will exchange up to 100 thousand kisses during our lives. The body produces more hormones and increases blood pressure.

I like to burn calories. By kissing, two calories are burned (bread crumb). If you want to burn calories more you have to kiss 45 min (yoghurt). At the French kiss, 34 muscles are on the face. The longest kiss lasted 58 hours 35 minutes 58 seconds. The average person spends 2 weeks of kissing life.

During kissing you can exchange up to 1 billion bacteria. You get antibodies and increase your immunity.

Prohibition of kissing is true even today, and not only in popular summer resorts.

There is a fine in Italy for kissing in the car. This is road safety.

In Dubai, it is not appropriate to dance, hug or make loud music public. Non-married couples should not hold their hands.

In Japan and India, kissing is taken as a prelude to sex, and is therefore strictly forbidden in public.

In the Turkish inland, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, kissing is also inadmissible in resorts. In Thailand, couples should not hold their hands in public. Tourists are, however, benevolent.

In France, the 1910 law prohibits kissing at the station's platform. This should prevent train delays. There is no punishment for the violation, but you can strongly urge you to immediately leave the platform.

Kissing promotes salivation and thus spills food from teeth. Kisses support immunity. Bacteria are exchanged in saliva and the body is mobilized and builds protection.