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Unicorn Day

It always falls on April 9 every year.

Since ancient Greek times, the unicorn has been a popular mythical creature. People believed that unicorns lived in exotic India. Initially, unicorns were considered a wild, powerful animal, and are now considered a symbol of love, purity, enchantment, and magic.

Mostly the unicorn appeared as a magical creature in movies, fairy tales, cartoons.

The unicorn is described as an animal horse with one pointed horn in the middle of their forehead.

This holiday is celebrated all over the world but in Scotland the unicorn is a national animal and has a special meaning.

It's full of legends about unicorns. If poisoned water, you want to clean the river, so it must be the corner of the unicorn. Therefore, the horn became more valuable than gold. The horns were made of protruding teeth. They were sold in some pharmacies in powder form in London until the mid-18th century.

Unicorn is a mythical creature in the form of a horse or antelope with a horn in the middle of the forehead. In the 5th century BC, Greek physician Ktésias mentions the unicorn as the first. It is believed that he meant Indian rhinoceros. In his work he described the healing and magical qualities of the corner. About 100 years later, Aristotle mentions 2 animals with 1 horn (oryx - the so-called Indian donkey - probably a rhinoceros). Also Plonius, Strabon, Claudius aelianus mention the unicorn where is to know the rhino.

Unicornus is a noble white animal similar to a horse with a mane and beard that has split hooves. It has a long, spirally curved corner in the middle of the forehead and comes from Arabia. Only a pure virgin can catch it. She has to go to the forest and the unicorn comes to her and puts her head in her lap so she can be caught.

Today you can read a book or watch a movie about a unicorn, cook a unicorn or rainbow-colored meal, dress like a unicorn or in rainbow colors.

There are no limits to celebrating this day.