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Video Game Day

It always falls on July 8 every year.

The year of the first video game created for playing on cathode-ray tubes was considered to be 1947. Thomas Goldsmith and Estle Mann developed and patented a game on December 14, 1948 that worked very simply. This game is considered the first to use CRT technology.

In 1952, A. S. Douglas developed OXO (a graphic version of the Five in Line game). Despite its technological obsolescence, the game is still available and playable on the Internet.

In 1958, William Higinbotham at the Brookhaven New York National Laboratory created Tennis Ror Two to entertain the audience and many people acknowledged the invention of video games. The game was exhibited until 1959 when it was dismantled.

In 1961, a group of students programmed Spacewar. The game was featured at the American MIT (Massachutt Institute of Technology) in 1962 and was the first extended, accessible and significant game.

In the 1990s, games began to expand a lot and began to use the Internet. There were 32-bit consoles and computers. The PlayStation console and games like Grand Theft Auto and Doom were created in the late 1990s.

Today's games appeal to almost all thanks to their advanced special effects and diverse themes. The times when the video games were just for kids have already rang. Video games have become very popular as group activity at parties.

The video game is an entertainment software that requires a display (monitor, TV, mobile, tablet) and is divided into 3 main categories (console games, mobile games and computer games). Another category is the online game. A video game is a game played by people on an electronic device that usually displays game components.

The video game is used for recreational purposes, but there are also professional game leagues. Over the past decades, video games have become popular. The first video game included simple table tennis. Today, there are over 5,000,000 games. They can be high-speed adventures to dangerous virtual combat matches and many more.

Apple co-founders (Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne) worked for the Atari video game company.