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Web Designer Day

It always falls on May 31 every year.

This day is in honor of these people from all walks of life that bring us miracles on the Internet. Ever since the web started to be conceived, there was someone who spent time designing the original website. Later, several web browsers and dozens of videos and audio protocols developed. Then came chat rooms and YouTube and all were built by an army of anonymous people. Today, there are plenty of anonymous developers who keep all the popular social media running. Web designers, apart from pretty parts, also make small pieces that keep places running in the background and are created by someone, somewhere and often with different specialties.

Web designer works at both creative and technical levels to design and maintain a website. It creates a graphical environment, sorts and organizes information. The most important task of a web designer is the creative design of the website (to make the site visually appealing). Mostly it is created in agreement with the client. It defines certain needs or features that websites must meet.

The goal is to create a user interface to make user interaction as simple, enjoyable, and effective as possible in achieving the goals and people using the website.

The work of the web designer is: collecting information, planning, creating information design and creating graphic design. Web designers are demanding not only for businesses but also for individuals. They are needed to maintain and update different sites. They have to go through e-mails every day, and be in contact via phone conferences, whether the client has sent them a suggestion or change to the project they are working on and that they can incorporate and change everything in time. Web designer continually inventes how to improve and best address client needs. Mostly they work in a team, but they are full of independent web designers who must also work with others because projects are challenging and for large corporations.

Web designers are very well rated, but it is very stressful and exhausting for them. They have strict plans to follow.

This day came as a support and thanks for their efforts.