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What to talk about at the first meeting (male)

When you plan your first date with the girl of your dreams, it is important not only the clothes you go to, but also what you talk about.

The ability to conduct a conversation is an art that tells a lot about you. Being a good conversation is all about emotional intelligence. Therefore, it is good to go ready. You need to be able to ask the right questions.

Give her a compliment

Women want to know what a man thinks and when it concerns her and it's something nice. Men often keep this to themselves because they are afraid to compliment a woman. Therefore, she has to be afraid and tell her how beautiful it is, that it is fun, etc. This breaks the ice and eliminates the stress she feels. But be careful not to overdo it. If you feel you want to marry her in the future or marry her as a wife, keep it to yourself. You have to behave normally, and it's not good to be zealous and scare.

Talk to her

It is necessary to communicate with her. It's not good to talk about yourself. It is also important to ask her questions about her (family, school, work, future goals…). Then it is good to ask about sports, books, movies, music because you will find out what your taste is. The worst option is to sit down and just talk about yourself and brag. This will not dazzle her, and most likely the next date will not be. But be careful not to ask her questions too much and not force her to something that she does not want to answer. It is advisable to use the question “Why?” When he talks about something. This gives the impression that you are interested in what he tells you.

Understand her

If he doesn't want to talk about himself, respect it and don't push her into it. When the conversation turns in another direction, leave it. Follow her interests and opportunities and get involved. To relax the atmosphere, you can say a joke to laugh.


It is good to ask an unconventional and unexpected question. You show a joke, the originality of being with you will be fun. You can ask: In what historical period would she want to live? What's the most beautiful place you've ever been? If you were the ship's captain, what would you call her? It's good to ask why after her answer. You can show her that you can listen and you really care.

End conversation

Also, the date must end once, even if you understand each other and you could talk forever. You need to be able to end the conversation and say goodbye. The best way to end the conversation is to kiss and say good night (if evening). If you have a dog excuse that you have to walk him out, if it's a date in the morning you can apologize that you have to go to work. But be careful not to give the impression that you want to get rid of it. You have to do it diplomatically and thoughtfully.

It is important to stay normal, relaxed and not press it. You have to feel good together and date to enjoy and not to suffer.

Cheers to dating.