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Wine Day and Cheese

It always falls on February 25th every year.

This day came into being in 2014.

Cheese and wine have been served on all the most important events in the highest class of people since time immemorial. Pairing cheese with wine is a regional tradition.

Wines of over 15.5% ABV are more intense and taste better with intense flavored cheeses. Wines below 12% ABV are less intense and fit to finer flavored cheeses.

Cheese when it ages, it loses the water content and gains a rising taste with increased fat content. That's why it fits with red wines because the fat content of the cheese is against high tannins in the wine. The best cheeses are those that are at least a year old. Sweet wines are best suited for moldy cheeses that exude the sweetness of wine. Sparkling wines are high in acidity and creamy cheese is suited to them. It is suitable to combine cheeses and wines from one region. If you are not sure which cheese to serve for the wine you have chosen, then you can bet for sure. One of the safest and most popular choices for all wines is solid walnut cheese. Walnut cheese has enough fat for red wine and is also suitable for white wine.

The aim is to try different combinations of cheeses and wines that we have never tried before and try something new.