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World Backup Day

It always falls on March 31 every year.

Originally, this day began as the World Month of Hard Drive Backup Company named Maxtor. Later it was acquired by Seagate Technology.
Backup is the second copy of our important data (photos, emails, documents). Copies are kept outside your own computer (laptop, tablet, mobile phone) somewhere safe. By storing a copy separate from the original in a device that is safe and accessible in case of accidental deletion, crash, anti-theft, or malicious software attack. Mostly people back up to an external drive or somewhere on the Internet.
Regular backup is the basic protection against losing personal but also business data. Who does not back up is exposed to the risk of attacking their computers with malware, which is becoming more and more inventive when attacking computers.
It's easy to back up and just take a few steps to protect your data. First, find out what's important and what we don't want to lose. Choose where we put everything to safety. Then just do everything automatically and regularly. Remember that your data is more valuable than your device. You can always buy a new phone, laptop or tablet at any time, but you can't get your data back if you don't back up.
The goal is to alert individuals and businesses to the importance of data in life and work. Raise backup and data recovery awareness. Inform about the consequences of data loss and also protect your data on computers but also on various mobile devices.
113 phones are stolen or lost every minute.
24% of people never backed up.
An unexpected accident causes 29%.
Every month 1 of 10 computers catch a virus.
About 15% of users back up 1 weekly.