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World Migratory Birds Day (WMBD)

It always falls on the second weekend of May every year. This year it falls on May 11, 2019.

 It has been taking place since 2006 and emphasizes the need to protect migratory birds.

During migration, birds visit almost every corner of the world and every environment.

Birds are useful for controlling insects and rodents that people are facing. They also disperse plant seeds to help spread vegetation into disturbed areas. They work as pollinators. Birds are an inspiration for art (painting, poetry, music and others).

The goal is to raise people's awareness of the obstacles caused by people who are facing migratory birds on their way. Also draw attention to the global number of vulnerable migrants, among whom are many species on the verge of extinction. The aim is to bring together organizations, governments and specialists to protect migratory birds, preserving them for future generations.

Every year, events, festivals, educational programs, exhibitions, bird-watching excursions take place this day.

More than 300 million tons of plastic are produced annually. Plastic does not dissolve and is therefore a major problem for the ecosystem. Not only birds often experience fatal cases of ingestion and entanglement in plastic. The number of dead seabirds that die from the effects of plastics is 1,000,000 each year and is still growing.

There is a need to reduce the need for plastic and reuse and recycle. Replace plastic with ecological alternatives and use and dispose of plastics in a sustainable way.

Clean the area in your area from plastic and clutter to prevent injury or death to migratory birds.