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World Penguin Day

It always falls on April 25 every year.

This holiday was created at the McMurdo Station, an American research center on Ross Island. There, the researchers noticed that on this day the Adelie penguins began to migrate.

Every year during the northern migration of Adelie penguins, World Penguin Day takes place. It is a species of penguin that is native to Antarctica. These Adelian penguins migrate north individually to have better access to food during the winter months and return to the coast of Antarctica to build nests in the summer.

This holiday celebrates not only these penguins but all in the world. Penguins are sensitive to climate change and therefore have to migrate further and find food, reducing the population of penguins. There are 17 species of penguins in the world and, according to the WWF, 11 of them are classified as threats or vulnerable. Because he spends most of his life in the sea, he is trying to alert mankind to work on water protection as well as other activities such as pollution and fossil fuel combustion.

Among the largest and heaviest of the penguins is the Emperor Penguin. It reaches up to 122 cm and weights 22 - 45 kg. His head with his back is black, his belly is white and his ears are yellow. They hunt fish but also shellfish. It sinks to a depth of 535 m and can stay up to 18 minutes underwater. They travel 100-160 km in large groups of up to 1000 individuals for mating. They are the only ones who breed during the Arctic winter. The male takes care of an egg that can be eaten by a female, who in the meantime hunts for food in the sea. When the baby hatches, both parents take care of him in the colony. They reach 20 years of life but some can live to 50 years. Colonies have sea ice and frozen sea.

The aim is to learn more about penguins, their environment and how important they are to the ecosystem. They raise awareness of the threat to penguins.

Everyone can help, for example by contributing to a non-profit organization such as WWF or others you trust. You can also use your favorite social media website with the #WorldPenguinDay hashtag to make everyone know what day it is. Wear penguin colors (black and white).

A penguin is a flightless water bird. He lives mostly in the southern hemisphere.