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World Poetry Day

It always falls on March 21 every year.

UNESCO at the 30th Session in Paris in 1999 adopted the World Poetry Day and the 21st March. It also recognized the important role of poetry in art and culture throughout the country and in time. The focus is on promoting a return to the oral tradition of poetry recitals and strengthening the relationship between poetry and other forms of expression (dance, music, painting). In 2000, the first World Poetry Day took place on March 21st. It also serves to encourage poetry, promote teaching and publishers involved in its dissemination.

This day, government agencies, educators, community groups, and individuals are celebrating worldwide. They participate in the promotion or participation of this day. For children, it is an opportunity to learn classroom poetry. It is an opportunity to learn more about poets and various poetry beats. They often read poetry and share their work with people in a bookstore, cafe, university and school. There are exhibitions and evenings of poetry and various works of poets.

Poetry is a kind of artistic expression that emphasizes feelings and thoughts through different styles and rhythms.

One of the main goals is to promote linguistic diversity through poetic expression and also offer the opportunity to be heard within their communities at risk. It is also support for reading, writing, publishing and researching poetry around the world.

Around 3,500 BC, the world's oldest poem was written on a clay table during Sumerian times.

William Shakespeare has written several poems that have been well received, studied and analyzed for centuries by academics.

The world's longest poem is Mahabharata. It's an Indian epic poem that contains 1.8 million words.