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Zipper Day (zipper)

It always falls on April 29 every year.

In the United States, Elias Howe, who invented the sewing machine in 1851, patented the ancestor of the modern zipper. It has never been put on sale because its invention was not for practical use.

In 1891, Whitcomb L. Judson patented the Clasp Locker for a faster boot. The modern zipper in 1913 was created by Gideon Sundback. He was a Swede who emigrated to Canada and patented the zip in 1917. His troops were equipped with the US Army in World War I.

Thanks to an advertising campaign in the 1930s, he began to push himself into clothes because the children's fingers better handle the zip than the button. Thanks to Edward VIII, who appeared in public with zippered pants, the zipper pushed through as a pants fastener.

The zipper is used to join two parts together. It is used not only for clothing but also for suitcases, backpacks, sports equipment, camping aids and many others. The zipper consists of a slider and two toothed belts that fit together. The belts have a number of teeth that are curved at the end, allowing for greater strength. Zippers are spiral, bone, brass, divisible, indivisible, bidirectional, double sided, hidden, coating, infinite.

You can post social media posts using the #NationalZipperDay or #ZipperDay hashtag.