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  1. General conditions
  2. On-line dating Mazlušek (also the operator) was created for the purpose of facilitating contact between women and men from around the world with the intention of finding a partner. Mazlušek dating does not guarantee 100% possibility of contact of the partner foreign countries. Your personal data will not be disclosed to others, strangers (not applicable to you to contact us: e-mail, telephone, mobile and other messengers). We honor your anonymity, therefore, only we provide service to contact your partner from foreign countries. The Self-introduction is not in our control and takes place entirely in the full responsibility seznámeného couple (men and women). Mazlušek dating, because he has no control over the inserted advertisements, no responsibility for mutual contact between men and women and the later introduction and dissociates itself from any promotion of inappropriate acquaintance for the purpose of (erotic services and other familiar) that are against the law and morality. These inappropriate advertisements urging eg. Prostitution, or in any way contrary to the conditions of the laws of the Czech Republic will be immediately removed from the database without giving a reason. Operator reserves the right to delete any reason any profile or change any data which would be inconsistent with the terms of dating.
  3. Delete Profiles
  4. Embedded ad - profile can be deleted soon after three months, we guarantee that our foreign partners our seriousness dating. Deleting ad can only be carried out: Profile settings.
  5. Live chat and access
  6. To enter the chat is only necessary to register.
  7. Edit Profile
  8. The profile can be fully edited, where this is not possible. Any edited entry operator reserves the right to change if they were in conflict with the terms of dating.